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Key of the door

Our legendary Emporium is coming of age and celebrating its 21st birthday this spring. 


Can you believe it has been one whole year since the 20th year celebration? How time flies. The Emporium set itself apart from other eateries when it first opened in 1996, a derelict chapel which eventually would turn into a brasserie and interiors shop.


Today, The Emporium is still the interior design heart James’ Places. A glance around the shop reveals clocks which you can see in The Royal Hotel at Kirkby Lonsdale, wall hangings like those in Holmes Mill, sculptures reminiscent of those found in Falcon Manor at Settle, throws from the Shireburn Arms, wallpaper as seen in the 1823 Spinning Block and numerous finishing touches shared with Mitton Hall, Eaves Hall and the Waddington Arms.


Said Christine Lee, interiors guru for James’ Places: “The Emporium is the creative hub of the design style for which James’ Places is famous. It’s where our venues find their inspiration and it’s the home of our expert interiors team, which after 21 years knows exactly what will work and what won’t in a range of rooms. The team excels at creating beautiful interiors and can be relied upon to find the most interesting and stylish finishing touches, whatever the setting.”


Since 1996 the Emporium has seen demand for great food continue to grow. The menu constantly reflects the lifestyles of its customers as is seen by the recent addition of special menus for vegans and the gluten intolerant.


The Emporium is part of the James’ Places portfolio of hotels, inns, interior design and hospitality businesses across the Ribble Valley and Yorkshire Dales sharing the same service values and ethos.


Come and visit The Emporium. To book please call 01200444174.

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