Since opening its doors in 1998, The Emporium Interiors hasn’t stopped changing and evolving. In fact, we doubt whether it will ever stand still and settle down. Each season brings new products, new looks and new ideas. The shop simply evolves around what’s new and what’s exciting.

We don’t believe in buy now pay later, interest free credit or anything like that and we don’t believe in pressure selling. What we do believe in is old fashioned courtesy and service. If there is something you would like to buy, we would love to sell it to you. Whatever it is and wherever it is in the building.

Everything in the building is for sale (except the staff!), on every floor. Any item, whether it be a dining table, a sofa, a chair, a picture, mirror or candle can be bought as seen or ordered in new.

We don’t go in for static displays we much prefer the chaotic mix and match that you get when you have too much stock for too little a shop. Things at The Emporium get moved, obscured and occasionally forgotten. It pays to look that little bit further and to explore the floors in full. That’s when you might come across some hidden treasure.

Gift Vouchers

The gift voucher, the perfect gift to both give and receive. It’s quick and easy to buy, looks good and can’t possibly disappoint. It’s equally attractive to receive. Shopping without spending, an intoxicating thought.

Talking of intoxicating, the vouchers are usable anywhere in the building and also at any of the other James Places.

You don’t have to buy something sensible to pass down through the generations; you could instead blow the lot on an overnight stay, a fine meal and a few bottles of number 12.

The Emporium gift voucher really is the perfect gift.

Gift vouchers may be purchased over the phone, give us a call on 01200 444371.

Wedding List

Whether you’re setting up home for the first time, or you’ve lived together for a while, what better way to start your married life than to be surrounded by beautiful items, bought by people who love you?

At The Emporium, you’ll find everything from dining furniture, sofas and soft furnishings, to clocks, vases, picture frames and accessories. We can help you create an elegant gift list, which includes prices, descriptions and where appropriate, photographs. We will then manage the list for you and assist your guests, giving them a beautiful experience.

There are no rules and no restrictions, just lots of friendly help and advice. Everything in the shop is for sale and so everything can go on your wedding list. We recommend getting a good head start for your list, at least 3 months, as this allows us to order things in, check them off, wrap and pack them.

Guests can call in to the shop or they can buy over the phone. It really couldn’t be easier – well, it could actually. Your guests can always leave the choosing up to you by opting for the gift voucher…

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